Why Detox

Because you can't afford NOT to
Do you know you are heavily intoxicated?
In today’s world, every city dwellers are exposed to excessive toxins everywhere – the polluted air and water source, the processed food, the chemicals used in our daily life, the ever increasing EMF radiation, etc.

Our body is designed by nature to cleanse itself of many of these harmful toxins and protect against the damage caused.

However, the level of exposure has gone beyond what most of us can cope.

Stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of exercise, etc further weaken the functionality of our body to cleanse ourselves.
Vicious cycle of toxin accumulation ultimately leads to chronic symptoms and diseases!
What is Detox?

It is a process whereby we:
  • Reduce our exposure to toxins
  • Remove some of the accumulated toxins in our body
  • Revitalize our key organs, thus improving our overall health
Detox Challenges

Undergoing a detoxification programme can be very demanding both physically and mentally, but it is definitely rewarding and will make a significant impact on our overall well-being.

A typical programme will require us to follow a controlled diet, undergo physical workout, meditate to relieve stress, etc. It will run consecutively for a few days in a remote retreat to break us away from our routine life. This requires a lot of time commitment and logistical arrangements which not many busy working executives can afford.

A successful detoxification also requires individual discipline and perseverance where participation in a group will provide the motivation and peer support.

All the above are addressed in our recommended Detox Programme:
721 BMR Workshop

About 721 BMR Workshop

Revitalizing Your Body and Mind While At Work
This is a 7 Days 21 Hours Body & Mind Revitalization Workshop specially catered for staffs of Corporate and Organizations.

It is conducted jointly by Life Research Lab and TCM And You.

Key Advantages:

  • Tailored to accommodate the time and logistical constraints of participants
  • Elementary but Comprehensive and Universal
    => Suitable* for adults of all ages, genders and races
  • Optimal, Affordable and Effective

Desired Outcome:

  • A cleansed, energized and revitalized body and mind, with boosted immunity, mental sharpness and productivity
  • Learnt basic self-healing and maintenance protocols to better manage ourselves
  • Gained a better insight and awareness of our potential health weaknesses and gaps

* Subject to health conditions


What You Can Expect In This Life Transforming Week
  • Know Yourself Inside Out – Body Profiling and Monitoring throughout the workshop
  • Be Shielded from Head to Toes – Minimum exposure to toxins in all feasible aspects: food, water, personal care and household cleaning items, EMF shield, etc
  • 21 hours of Fulfilling Engagement – Learning to better manage your body, Guided workout in Qigong, Meditation and Aided self-therapies

Programme Highlights

Health and Wellness Profiling
  • By Life Research Lab (LRL)
  • Adopt alternative devices and approaches
  • Non-invasive and radiation free
  • The parameters and information collected serve a very good complementary role in facilitating more frequent monitoring to trigger early warnings
Life Origin Detox Energy Essence
  • The main prescribed diet throughout the 7 days
  • Uniquely concocted herbal and tonic based meal replacement
  • Not only provide adequate daily nutrition and energy requirement
  • Also boost the body metabolism and immunity to purge out the accumulated toxins effectively without side effects
TCM Meridian and Acupressure Theory
  • Therapeutic modality approved by the World Health Organization(W.H.O.) which has proven efficacy in the treatment of ailments
  • Designed by Dr Clement Ng to provide a good understanding of the TCM meridian theory for individuals to practise self-healing and health maintenance
  • Effect of Qigong workout can be enhanced through executing the movement along the meridian pathway
Medical Qigong Mastery
  • Ancient oriental art form for strengthening the body’s vital energy
  • Strengthen or propel “Qi” or energy to different part of the body systems
  • Improve immune function and restore the balance
  • A good movement uses the Mind to guide the Qi (以意引气)
  • 2 elementary but fundamental Qigong: 六字诀 (Liu Zhi Jue) and 八段锦 (Ba Duan Jin)
Meditation on Twin Hearts
  • One of the most effective and efficient meditations among all the techniques revealed to public
  • Has recorded many glowing testimonials of personal healing, spiritual uplifting, relationship improvements and positive life transformations
  • A guided short meditation, but is one of the most powerful methods for achieving peace and illumination
Other Complementary Products
  • Daily supply of alkaline and ionised drinking water
  • Organic enzyme-based Body Lotion and Shampoo
  • EMF Shield for mobile phones
  • Aided self-therapy devices