Nothing in this universe is as precious as life!

All living beings are extremely keen on living as long as possible. Longevity and immortality have a special place in human culture. When elders bless young people, they often say “May you live long!”

When mythological characters come across fairies and Djinns in stories, they ask for the boon of immortality. Great people become ‘immortalised’ through their visions and contributions to the betterment of society. In movies, both heroes and villains make arduous journeys over perilous lands in search of the elusive ‘Fountain of Youth’.

But what if the fountain of youth is not as unattainable as you thought? What if you could add another 20 years to your life without really doing anything crazy like fighting dragons and tracking down fairies? Would you be willing to give it a shot?

In the coming articles, you’ll learn how you can increase your lifespan by following just a few simple, scientifically-proven steps. This is not some hyped-up sales pitch for some magic potion. This is the REAL deal. You are literally getting the gift of life!

You see, aging is governed by a combination of two types of factors: genetic and environmental. You have no control over the genes you inherit. We cannot choose our parents, but we can definitely alter our lifestyle and environment.

By doing so, we can change how our genes express themselves. For example, imagine a person named John, who is born in a family with a long history of obesity. It is highly likely that John will become obese if he gorges on junk food and leads an inactive lifestyle.

However, if John learns to watch what he eats and exercise, the obesity gene will not get a chance to express itself. Consequently, John can become incredibly fit and healthy. The bottom line is that John CAN beat the obesity gene by changing his lifestyle.

In short, you do have substantial power to control how you age, EVEN if you are genetically predisposed to illnesses! Moreover, you do not have to be afraid of getting old. If you take care of yourself through dieting, detoxification, supplementation and exercise, you’ll remain smart, active and exuberant even after retirement. You’ll have the time and energy to do the things that you always wanted to do!

In order to learn how to reverse aging, we must first understand why we age.