About us

  • Have you ever thought how long do you wish to live?
  • Picture yourself in your 60s, 70s, 80s…. What do you imagine yourself to be like?
  • Don’t you wish to live as long as possible?
  • Living Long….Are you looking forward to it or very worried about it?

These are some thought provoking questions many of us might not have seriously ponder upon. Maybe it is because few will disagree that our individual lifespan is not totally within our control, but in the hands of our creator. Nevertheless, with accelerated development in economy and living standards, coupled with multiple breakthroughs in medical science and technology, more and more people are expected to live much longer in many parts of the world.

While we celebrate this achievement in human civilization which our forefathers had been relentlessly pursuing, many of us would have been made aware that it brings along a thorny issue that is the top challenge for many developed countries – the aging population and the social burden on the economy. 

So ironically, longevity, a pursuit which has been enjoying almost divine status for the past thousands of years, has suddenly become a topic frown upon by many in the current century.

But is longevity really a PROBLEM? We certainly beg to differ!

The real problem we believe is the mainstream paradigm of the aging population. We have been drilled to accept that as we age, we will lose our health, our functionalities, our abilities, etc. The latest medications and life support systems merely keep us breathing. So when we picture ourselves in our twilight years, we see a helpless and listless person bed-ridden, wheel-chaired, dementia, dependent on caregiver, etc. Such pathetic and sorrowful images have definitely casted a very negative impact and phobia in many of us towards living long into our old age.

“Do we have a choice of a different path then?”, we might ask. Of course we have! While aging is not an option, how we age is certainly our CHOICE!

At i12livelong.com, this is where we want to make that significant difference. We want to swift our paradigm from the mainstream norms and choose the less travelled alternative paths in our aging journey!


Our Vision

i12livelong.com was founded upon our vision to build a community of members who share a common personal commitment to take charge of our health and wellness to maximize the quality of our life for as long as we live. Our members will age graciously with us into octogenarians, nonagenarians and even centenarians, but are many years younger biologically, with full vitality to enjoy the best of their life.


Our Fundamentals

There is no lack of information on how one can live healthily for long. However, many of such approaches can be very extreme and demanding to adopt. What we need is a realistic, relatively simple and comfortably achievable plan.

One of the core fundamentals in our approach is to decelerate our biological aging process. Chronologically, our age will increase as time goes by. However, what we can manage is the rate of aging of our biological self. Just a simple analogy, a well kept and regularly maintained car will certainly be in better shape and performance level compared to another similar car which is neglected in maintenance.

Hence, our i12livelong plan is simply adopting the same approach in managing our biological aging:


More details of the various stages above can be found in the relevant sections of the website.


Our Approach and Platform

i12livelong.combelieves that the ultimate goal of all health and wellness companies should be helping people to live healthily and blissfully for as long as possible. But most, if not all, end up only focusing on their products, therapies or services, etc. These are just the means to the end.

To i12livelong.com, the 'products' should be our members. We want to 'produce' healthy and active octogenarians, nonagenarians and even centenarians, who can still enjoy the best of their life during their golden age. There is in fact no lacking of great health products and services which can help us to achieve that. However, as our human body is just so complex, what will work for one individual might not necessarily achieve the same result for another.

Hence, instead of being supplier or distributor of any specific products and services, i12livelong.comis positioned to be the unbiased online platform which provides access to only accredited products and services that are aligned with our fundamentals and approaches in our redefined silver hair lifestyle. This is unlike any other ecommerce platforms where they are merely facilitating online transactions between any merchants and consumers.

As an exclusive and unique community, i12livelong.com presents an attractive customer base to the accredited merchants. We will be in good position to negotiate for better privileges and discounts for the products and services. This helps to stretch our dollars and enjoy more value for less spending.

i12livelong.com also serves as the virtual clubhouse for our community. This is where information will be shared and communicated to lead and shape the lifestyle of our members towards Gracious Living and Blissful Aging via a holistic, personalised, predictive, preventive and integrated health and wellness management system. As part of this system, our members will be able to track their personal health profiling records as well as of their loved ones too.

i12livelong.com was founded in 2016 and is currently managed by Life Infinitum Private Limited.


Our Alliances

i12livelong.com forms alliance with key business entities to provide the core products and services which are fundamental to the i12livelong plan. Here are the current key alliance partners:

Life Research Lab Pte Ltd

Life Research Lab operates at Novena Medical Centre. It is the core alliance of i12livelong.com in providing health and wellness profiling services via Digital Wellness Scanning (DWS), Vector Non-Linear System, Breast Thermography, etc. It is closely associated with the Life Research group of companies and primarily serves as the front office to reach out to more people to propagate and promote the integrated approach in health and wellness management.

Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd

Life Research Wellness was founded with the vision and mission of promoting the benefits of Integrated Medicine by an evidence-based approach in bridging the gap between modern medicine and ancient traditional medicine. It believes such integrated approach will define the future of health and wellness management. Over the years, it has attracted and assembled many like-minded professionals from various disciplines globally that include doctors, naturopath therapists, TCM practitioners, nutritionists, scientists, etc, to be part of the holistic system.