Life Origin Soft Laser Therapy Device

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This innovative 3-in-1 Low Level Laser Therapy Device (Laser Watch) combines acupuncture, local pain management & external blood irradiation (radial artery acupoint & nasal cavity) for your healthy living, especially in purifying blood, lowering hypertension and fighting diabetes. See below description for more details.

Key Functions:

  • Improve hemodynamic and metabolism to increase oxygen carrying capacity & reduce deformability of red blood cells, relieve rhinitis and optimize wound healing.
  • Lower high blood pressure, viscosity, fat and sugar level.
  • Prevent cardiovascular & cerebrovascular diseases, stroke and sudden death.
  • Relieve pain and tension: cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc of herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis and prostatitis.

This Laser therapy device should be used as an alternative treatment to lower blood pressure, fight diabetes, and regain your health by enhancing hemodynamic and metabolism.

Therapeutic Principle

Low level laser therapy, also known as cold laser therapy, is based on the process of light absorption into the cells, which stimulates protein synthesis, improves metabolism and produces more lipoprotein lipase. The lipase will break down the fat garbage in the blood, improve the red blood cell carrying more oxygen, and purify the blood, so that the blood fat and total cholesterol reduced and the insulin secretion back to normal level.

GD07-W -1 adopts low-intensity laser with the wavelength of 650nm , through the noninvasive irradiate the blood vessels of the human body (radial artery, Neiguan acupoint, Daling acupoint, ulnar artery and nasal cavity)

The Laser Watch (including the accessories: laser pad & nasal probe) is equipped with 19 red laser diodes.

The red laser light is well known for its ability to enhance cell activity, microcirculation and activation of the immune system by simulating leukocyte groups. It increases the activity of fibroblasts, thus optimizing would healing.

It induces various biochemical reactions:

  • activating different enzymes and decomposes redundant fat in the blood stream.
  • increasing oxygen amount in the blood – boosting metabolism and enhances the lipid peroxidation process to reduce cholesterol in the vessels.
  • increasing the ATP synthesis.
  • Stabilizing cell membranes

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