Digital Bio-chemical Scanning

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Digital Bio-chemical Scanning (DBS) is a non-invasive, safe and convenient system for anyone to find out his/her current state of health quickly. With the quantum medicine as the theoretical basis, it uses the advanced electronic equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby determining the health status and identifying any potential medical issues.

Functional characteristics of DBS

Prediction without symptoms

With only 10 or so cells of pathological change, the DBS can capture the change pathological changes of cells and give indications of the precursor of disease. 

The health profile will include the assessment of body systems such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular condition, bone mineral density, trace elements, lung, kidney, blood sugar, stomach and intestines, liver and gallbladder, gynecology, prostate, etc. 

Knowing where you are today and by taking the right health-care actions, you may be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases. To Be For-warned is to Be For-armed!

Safe and Convenient

The DBS device is safe to operate and harmless to the body. You can undergo the imaging assessment regularly without worrying about side effects. It can also be performed in any place at any time, convenient and time saving for clients. 

The online report is also self-explanatory and easy to understand. Clients can access it via the internet at their convenience.

Report Always Available Online

Your health profile is stored in our secured cloud server which only you can access with login password, anytime from anywhere. 

As you undergo Digital Biochemical Scanning regularly, you can also compare your latest health profile with earlier reports to detect any early sign of weakening or imbalance.

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