Breast Thermography

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Breast thermography is a 15 minute non-radiation and non-invasive test of physiology. It is a valuable procedure for alerting you to changes that can indicate early stage breast disease.

The benefit of breast thermography is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self examination, doctor examination or mammography alone.

Key Facts about Breast Cancer

  • It is the most commonly occurring cancer among women in Singapore. Each year, 1,850 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, and over 400 die from the disease.
  • 1 in 11 women will get breast cancer in their lifetime.
  • Nevertheless, the chances of surviving breast cancer increases with early detection.

What is Breast Thermography?

  • It is a radiation-free, non-invasive and painless clinical test for breast wellness screening.
  • It can detect potentially reversible physiological changes associated with breast cancer, as early as 10 years ahead.
  • It is harmless and can be used more frequently as a complement for routine monitoring of breast health.
  • There is no compression and is ideal for women with augmented breast.

Thermography is not a replacement for Mammography. We recommend a balanced health approach that includes both preventive and traditional medical approaches.

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